What’s “Bugging” You?

No matter what type of pests you have, Hager Pest Control can handle the job. We can rid you of garden pests, cockroaches, ants, termites and any other type of insect or bug found on the South Plains. Don’t forget about those termites! They swarm starting in the month of March, resembling little flying ants – so call us at (806) 797-1566  and ask about our termite treatment services.


Roaches are particularly filthy because they feed on decaying matter, contaminate food, and cause foul odors.

German Roaches

Can develop resistance to many consumer insecticides. A single female can produce more than 90,000 offspring in a three-month period. These are lighter brown and smaller. They are usually found in your kitchen cabinets.

Oriental Roaches

Generally found in a singly located area like a kitchen drawer.

American Roaches

Darker and larger roaches that are generall found on the floor.

Brown Banded Roaches

These are half dark and half light brown.


Eastern Subterranean Termite

Which forms large colonies and eats away at the wood portions of your home. If left untreated, these termites will eventually destroy the structural integrity of your home.


Brown Recluse Spiders

Though not particularly aggressive, have a potentially fatal bite. They are found mostly in undisturbed areas behind furniture or in clothing or shoes left unused for long periods of time.

Black Widow Spiders 

Another pest with a potentially fatal bite. These spiders are most commonly found in dark, humid places like wood piles, basements, garage doors, electrical boxes, and crawlspaces.


Carpenter Ant

Which forms colonies as large as 8,000 workers and can cause severe building damage by carving its way through the wood structure of your home or office.

Pharoah Ants

Have been known to infest hospitals, contaminating medical supplies and infecting patients through bites.

Odorous House Ants

Small, black ants that live in your walls. These are often seen crawling on walls or around windows and make a foul odor when squished.


House Mouse

Also known as the Field Mouse. These mice are known to carry the haunta virus, which can be spread to humans through contact with their droppings.

Norway Rat

Which is known to carry rabies or bubonic plague. These rats also pose danger to humans and their homes through the mites and fleas they carry.

Fleas and Ticks:

The Cat Flea

Is a common pest in West Texas. These insects’ bites can cause flea allergy dermatitis, tapeworms, secondary skin irritations and, some cases, anemia.

The Brown Dog Tick

Though not a danger to humans, can spread several diseases that infect dogs and cats.

Other Pests:


Which frequently feed on greasy foods and leftovers in the home.


Can live in insulation, paper products and some fabrics.


Can also pose a problem for many West Texas residents.


Commonly found in trees and outbuildings. Bees can cause severe medical conditions for those with allergies.

Whip Scorpions

They usually dig underground and may also burrow under logs, rotting wood, rocks, and other natural debris. They prefer humid, dark places and avoid light.

Sand Scorpions

These scorpions live on dry sand. Their color matches the color of the sand, which is pale yellow to yellowish brown.