Pre-Emergent Herbicide is a Must for Your Lawn

Did you know that keeping weeds at bay can help eliminate infestations? Now is the time to apply pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn. Read on to find out what exactly a pre-emergent does and how long it lasts.

Pre-emergent herbicides form a seed barrier and help keep seeds left behind by last summer’s weeds from germinating. Our pre-emergent application lasts up to six months. We also mix in a post-emergent herbicide with our application to take care of any weeds that may have already sprouted.

Our pre-emergent does not include a fertilizer. If your grass is Fescue, you’ll want to go ahead and fertilize in early spring. If you have Bermuda grass, wait until it starts to green up to apply your fertilizer. You don’t have to take any special care when applying fertilizer over the pre-emergent we put down.

Cost of application will depend on yard size, but typical yards in Lubbock will cost around $65 to $100 for front, back and alley application. We will be happy to give you a free estimate anytime, call us today to schedule.

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